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Autodesk AutoCAD 20.1 Civil 3D  Cracked  Free Download For Windows

Autodesk AutoCAD 20.1 Civil 3D Cracked Free Download For Windows









AutoCAD Crack Registration Code Download [32|64bit]

Contents 1 History

2 Using AutoCAD Product Key

2.1 Step-by-step process

2.2 Detailed topics

2.3 User interface

2.4 Menu navigation

2.5 Input

2.6 Drawing

2.7 Working with the clipboard

2.8 Other CAD topics

2.9 You, the designer

3 AutoCAD basics

3.1 Editing objects

3.1.1 Types of objects

3.2 Drawing

3.3 Scaling and precision

3.4 Extrusion and other special features

3.5 Standard drawing commands

3.6 Drawing conventions and predefined commands

3.7 Drawing type

4 How to use the drawing tools

4.1 The drawing toolbar

4.2 Initializing drawings

4.3 Drawing objects

4.4 Drawing tools and grips

4.5 Scaling

4.6 Transforming

4.7 The drawing canvas

4.8 Manipulating drawings

4.9 The display panel

4.10 Drawing layers

4.11 Redrawing layers

4.12 The help window

5 Saving drawings and modifying drawings

5.1 Saving drawings

5.2 Saving drawings to the cloud

5.3 Modifying drawings

5.4 Saving drawings to a file

5.5 Modifying drawings

5.6 Replacing file formats

5.7 Downgrading or upgrading drawings

6 Comparing drawings

6.1 Differences

6.2 Dynamic differences

6.3 Searching for differences

6.4 The command line

7 AutoLISP and scripts

7.1 AutoLISP

7.2 Creating scripts

7.3 Creating and running scripts

7.4 Using scripts

8 Collaborating with others

8.1 Specifying options


8.3 Collaborating by e-mail

8.4 Collaborating online

9 Troubleshooting

9.1 Working with a common external database

9.2 Using a linked drawing

9.3 Using the Standard template

9.4 Using the legacy drawing template

9.5 Converting drawings from a previous version


AutoCAD With Key (Latest)

for generating the Graphic API for the visual LISP language. AutoLISP is a BASIC for AutoCAD system similar to AutoLISP available on the PC and Unix platforms. This is also used by the PDF2CAD macro to convert a PDF to AutoCAD drawing.

3D modeling software
3D packages, modelling software for CAD

3D modeling software for AutoCAD

There are many 3D modeling packages available for AutoCAD.

Modeling packages for AutoCAD

There are several modeling packages available for AutoCAD. Some are:

3D modeling packages for AutoCAD

There are several 3D modeling packages available for AutoCAD.

3D modeling packages for AutoCAD

There are several 3D modeling packages available for AutoCAD.

Powerful CAD features
Powerful CAD features

Enhanced user interface

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External links
AutoCAD - Official Site
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AutoCAD - Autodesk Exchange Apps
AutoCAD Architecture - Official Site

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Category:Modeling software
Category:Programming languages
Category:Visual programming languages

AutoCAD Crack +

Import key file.

File -> Import... -> Autocad 2010 (.cad) file.
Name your layer and save it.

File -> Publish.
Customizations tab.
Selection tool.
Draw the shape and save it as text.
Now, just export it as.cad and import the.cad.
Select the new.cad file.
Select the Shapes tab -> Text tool.
Type your text and save it.


Autocad is licensed under the Autodesk End User License Agreement (EULA), which is available at

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What's New in the AutoCAD?

Markup assist displays critical annotations and other rich, graphical annotations that can help you identify problems and errors in your designs. The new Markup Assist feature automatically highlights every annotation or annotation-like object on a drawing, with information that’s relevant to the annotating feature. (video: 3:07 min.)

Drawing Templates:

Create and save unlimited custom drawing templates, from templates for file formats, to templates for standard views. Quickly access your custom templates using the new Templates tab in the Drawing menu, and easily create new drawings that use your favorite templates. You can also now create templates to use with drawings stored in the cloud. (video: 1:56 min.)

Export Options:

Edit and manage your export options to customize how your AutoCAD drawings export. You can customize the names and/or paths that appear in the export file, and customize the file format or image compression options for each drawing. (video: 2:02 min.)

New Streamline 2D and 3D Drawing Tools:

Automatic dimension creation tools to help you streamline your 2D and 3D drawings. A new Layer Dimensioning and Grouping tool makes it easy to create dimensioned layers automatically. Draw a line between two or more points to create a dimension. You can also place dimension lines at specific distances to create standardized parameters, or use an editable distance to set your own parameters. (video: 3:30 min.)

New Polar Tracking and Vector Bar Tools:

Relieve you of the tedious task of measuring and aligning objects. A new Polar Tracking tool enables you to measure distances at any angle, including 90 degrees, by following a set of connected lines. A new Vector Bar tool automatically creates a vector bar that follows a shape, making it easy to add measureable distance to your shapes. (video: 1:39 min.)

New Hyperlayers:

Display groups of layers or objects as hyperlayers. You can easily switch between hyperlayers and traditional layers, and you can assign viewports or hide layers in a hyperlayer. Hyperlayers make it easy to work with hundreds of layers at a time, in complex drawings. Hyperlayers can be used in 2D and 3D drawing views, as well as on 2D and 3D cross-references. (video: 3:04 min.)

New Settings and Options:

Use the new Settings Manager tool to

System Requirements:

1.4 GB RAM (16-bit)
1 GB RAM (32-bit)
Windows 7
Windows XP (32-bit)
GSA 2.10.1
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